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  • Contactless card reader ZKTeco KR503

    [:ru] Считыватель бесконтактных карт; Работает с RFID метками стандарта Em-Marine; Визуальная двухцветная и звуковая индикация работы; Проводное подключение на дистанции до 100 м; [:ua]Зчитувач безконтактних карт; Працює з RFID мітками стандарту Em-Marine; Візуальна двоколірна і звукова індикація роботи; Дротове підключення на дистанції до 100 м; [:en]Reader of contactless cards; Works with RFID tags of the Em-Marine standard; Visual two-color and sound indication of work; Wired connection at a distance of up to 100 m; [:pl]Czytelnik kart bezstykowych; Współpracuje z tagami RFID standardu Em-Marine; Wizualna dwukolorowa i dźwiękowa sygnalizacja pracy; Przewodowe połączenie w odległości do 100 m;
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  • USB contactless card recorder ZKTeco CR10-E

    [:ru] Настольный USB регистратор бесконтактных карт; Расстояние чтения карт 10 см; Питание от USB порта ПК; [:ua]Настільний USB реєстратор безконтактних карт; Відстань читання карт 10 см; Харчування від USB порту ПК; [:en]Desktop USB contactless card recorder; Reading distance is 10 cm; Powered by USB port PC; [:pl]Desktopowy rejestrator kart zbliżeniowych USB; Odległość odczytu wynosi 10 cm; Zasilany przez port USB PC;
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Readers are widely used among access control systems. On the basis of them, a large number of working time control systems has been implemented. The logic of employees’ behavior is the daily registration in the system by sending a touch memory key to the contact pad. As a confirmation of registration, LED indication is used. In addition, the readers are used in security systems as devices for arming and disarming the system. Most modern security systems support the 1-Wire protocol, which allows you to connect the reader to the central unit and use it instead of a keyboard or key fob. Readers are several times cheaper than keyboards or key fobs. At the same time, the reliability of these devices is not lower, and sometimes even higher than that of the above. In addition, unlike keyboards and key fobs, you can always know who and at what time the system was disarmed. The code put on the case I Button is fixed in the database. Readers are a reliable and simple access control device, giving preference to it, you will not regret.