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  • Video intercom Slinex MS-04

    [:ru] Цветной видеодомофон, экран 4” с разрешением 320*240; Работа в режиме «свободные руки» – без трубки; БЕЛЫЙ ИЛИ ЧЁРНЫЙ ЦВЕТ КОРПУСА (на выбор); Поддержка 2х вызывных панелей и камер; Возможность подключения дополнительной аудиотрубки или видеодомофона; Накладной, легко монтируется; Интерком на 4 монитора. [:ua]Кольоровий відеодомофон, екран 4 "з роздільною здатністю 320 * 240; Робота в режимі «вільні руки» - без трубки; БІЛИЙ АБО ЧОРНИЙ КОЛІР КОРПУСУ (на вибір); Підтримка 2х викличних панелей і камер; Можливість підключення додаткової аудіотрубки або відеодомофона; Накладний, легко монтується; Інтерком на 4 монітори. [:en]Color video intercom, screen 4 "with a resolution of 320 * 240; Work in hands-free mode - without a handset; WHITE OR BLACK COLOR COLOR (optional); Support for 2 calling panels and cameras; Ability to connect an additional audio or video intercom; The invoice is easy to install; Intercom for 4 monitors. [:pl]Kolorowy wideodomofon, ekran 4 "o rozdzielczości 320 * 240; Pracuj w trybie głośnomówiącym - bez telefonu; BIAŁY LUB CZARNY KOLOR KOLOROWY (opcjonalnie); Obsługa 2 paneli telefonicznych i kamer; Możliwość podłączenia dodatkowego interkomu audio lub wideo; Faktura jest łatwa do zainstalowania; Domofon na 4 monitory.
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  • Wireless video intercom Slinex RD-30

    [:ru] Беспроводный комплект видеодомофона; Пластиковая вызывная панель с классом защиты IP55; Беспроводная видео трубка может принимать вызов от панели и выводить картинку 320x240 в режиме реального времени (25 кадров в секунду); Фото можно записывать в ручном или автоматическом режиме на внутреннюю память до 50 кадров; Гарантированная дальность связи до 200 м на открытой местности и до 50 м в помещении; [:ua]Бездротовий комплект відеодомофона; Пластикова панель виклику з класом захисту IP55; Бездротова відео трубка може приймати виклик від панелі і виводити картинку 320x240 в режимі реального часу (25 кадрів в секунду); Фото можна записувати в ручному або автоматичному режимі на внутрішню пам'ять до 50 кадрів; Гарантована дальність зв'язку до 200 м на відкритій місцевості і до 50 м в приміщенні; [:en]Wireless set of video intercom; Plastic call panel with protection class IP55; A wireless video handset can receive a call from the panel and display a picture of 320x240 in real time (25 frames per second); The photo can be recorded in manual or automatic mode on the internal memory of up to 50 frames; Guaranteed range of communication up to 200 m in the open area and up to 50 m in the room; [:pl]Bezprzewodowy zestaw wideodomofonu; Plastikowy panel połączeń z klasą ochrony IP55; Bezprzewodowa słuchawka wideo może odbierać połączenia z panelu i wyświetlać obraz 320 x 240 w czasie rzeczywistym (25 klatek na sekundę); Zdjęcie można zapisać w trybie ręcznym lub automatycznym w pamięci wewnętrznej do 50 klatek; Gwarantowany zasięg komunikacji do 200 m na otwartym terenie i do 50 m w pokoju;
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In recent years, video intercoms have become one of the most common access control devices. It is difficult to imagine an entrance without a multi-apartment door phone. Video intercom is used in most offices and office centers. Thanks to the intercoms you can hear and see the visitor, in addition you can easily open the door to the visitor because the intercoms are equipped with buttons for remote control of electromechanical locks and electromagnetic latches. The market is oversaturated with intercoms of different manufacturers. In fact, this is a very simple and primitive device, the development and creation, which takes away, a little time and money. At the same time, because of the conveyer production, Chinese doorphones do not pass the necessary quality control, and the percentage of marriage grows to an incredible scale. If this bothers you little, and you are sure that you will not get a defective intercom, you can with confidence buy a doorphone not of European production, saving about 25 percent. We still recommend choosing the intercoms of well-known brands, with them there are always a lot less problems not only with the installation, but also with further daily operation. The image on the doorphone screen can be colored and black and white. Depending on the presence of color, the price varies greatly. A color door phone with the same characteristics as black and white costs about three times more, this is due to the high cost of a liquid crystal color display. Black-and-white intercoms are considered to be more ergonomic and practical, therefore they are in great demand, at the same time, if the design and decor at the doorphone installation place plays a big role you can not do without a color door phone. So, considering all of the above, I would like to note that the choice of a doorphone is not the simplest task. Before choosing, be sure to determine how much you are willing to spend on the system and how important you are to the appearance and color of the picture. After that make a choice and consult with the manager. If your choice coincides with his proposals, be sure to agree, because you have chosen the optimal product. I would like to note the high level of quality of Korean-made doorphones. The doorphone commax seized the niche of budget and VIP intercoms in the Ukrainian market. Today, the doorphones of this brand in the back breathe European intercom systems, superior in quality and functionality. If the price of such systems is reduced by at least 10%, the competitiveness of the Korean brand will be under threat.
Buy an intercom in Kiev you can in any large supermarket. At the same time, installation and adjustment of this system completely falls on your shoulders. Installation of intercoms is not a difficult matter, even a beginner can handle. In most cases, the assembled system will work without problems. In this case, you may not arrange the appearance of your creation. Certain nuances can be left without attention, which ultimately leads to undesirable consequences. Therefore, the installation of a doorphone should be conducted under the supervision of an experienced specialist. In an extreme case, if you are confident in your own abilities, you will in any case not be hindered by a consultation.