Detectors are the most common elements of security and fire alarm systems. The assortment of sensors in the world market is inconceivably diverse. Among the sensors of security alarm the most common are street traffic sensors, glass break detectors, detectors for opening doors and windows. These signaling sensors are also referred to as reed switches from the phrase “hermetic contact”. The principle of the sensor consists in the features of the properties of the hermetic contact being closed under the influence of the magnetic field of the magnet brought to it. The next most common is the motion sensor. The motion sensor is the most efficient and optimal device for detecting movement inside the room. Among the motion sensors, passive infrared motion sensors (IR sensors) and microwave sensors are selected. Their main difference lies in the fundamentally different operation of the sensors of these sensors. The microwave sensor is an active element and operates on the principle of Doppler effect, IR motion sensors work by the principle of determining the temperature difference of the human body and the objects surrounding it. Among the sensors of the alarm system there are also special sensors, the name of these sensors characterizes their purpose. Temperature sensors – measure the temperature of the environment. Humidity sensors measure the humidity level in the room. Gas sensors and CO gas sensors measure the level of natural and CO gas in the room, and in case of exceeding the gas concentration, the sensor emits an alarm sound signal. You can also find sensors in which a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor are combined into one device. Such sensors are called temperature and humidity sensors.
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