A security siren is an indispensable element of psychological impact on an attacker. It is the alarmist who is the first line of defense against penetration, since in 75% of cases the attacker refuses to conceive, hearing the security alarmist. In addition, burglar alarms focus the attention of outsiders on the protected object. There are many different types of sirens. Their variety is due to the specifics of security sirens, the requirements for fire sirens, for example, are limited by special regulations and the usual security siren with a low probability will be suitable for the creation of fire alarm. If you choose a siren, you first need to determine the location of the siren. If you plan to install a siren in the corridor of your apartment, then an internal siren will suit you if the siren is planned outside the premises, for example, on the street, then you need to use a street siren. If you are determined with the installation location of the siren, you can start choosing a way to start the siren. The siren, which you can buy in any security store, can be activated via a wired line or wireless. All wireless systems support the installation of both wired and wireless sirens. Wired security systems only support wired sirens. The final criterion for choosing a system will be its design. There is a huge amount of wire and cordless sirens in the market, so if the design issue for you is very relevant, we will without any problems choose any kind of siren of any color and form for you. And the last one. One of the most important parameters of a siren is the level of sound pressure or its volume. Basically, the larger the overall dimensions of the siren, the louder it is, although it is not an axiom. When choosing a fire alarm sounder, you can always call our specialists and get detailed advice on each item of its characteristics. We provide more than twenty siren types of different types. Having talked with our experts, you will know about sirens practically everything.