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    [:ru] Используется для управления охранной системой ПКП «Орион NOVA»; 8 индикаторных зон; 1 программируемый выход; Встроенный интерфейс Touch Memory; Подключение к ППК по системной шине RS-485 с длиной линии до 1000 м; Самозажимные клеммные колодки; Простой накладной монтаж. [:ua]Використовується для управління охоронною системою ВКП «Оріон NOVA»; 8 індикаторних зон; 1 програмований вихід; Вбудований інтерфейс Touch Memory; Підключення до ППК по системної шині RS-485 з довжиною лінії до 1000 м; Самозажімние клемні колодки; Простий накладної монтаж. [:en]Used to control the alarm system of the control panel "Orion NOVA"; 8 indicator zones; 1 programmable output; Built-in Touch Memory interface; Connection to PPC via RS-485 system bus with line length up to 1000 m; Self-clamping terminal blocks; Simple overhead installation. [:pl]Służy do sterowania systemem alarmowym panelu sterowania "Orion NOVA"; 8 stref wskaźnikowych; 1 programowalne wyjście; Wbudowany interfejs pamięci Touch; Połączenie z PPC przez magistralę systemową RS-485 o długości linii do 1000 m; Samozaciskowe listwy zaciskowe; Prosta instalacja na górze.
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The code keypad is the most common device for alarm management. Today, most security systems are initially supplied with keyboards, which almost completely replaces the universal relay keypads from the market of security alarms. Such kind of keyboards are interesting for amateurs to save and build their own non-standard system. Unfortunately, such enthusiasts are getting smaller every day. At the same time, during a crisis situation, the demand for signaling is growing, while the desire to spend as little money on the system grows in parallel. That’s when noninterface systems, based on relays and closing and opening contacts, come to the rescue. When creating such systems without relay keyboards simply can not do.
Fans of wireless technology relay keyboard will be absolutely not interesting. But at the same time they are definitely interested in wireless keyboards. Modern wireless keyboards not only can manage alarm systems, but also regulate the operation of home automation devices, which is very convenient in suburban homes where the opening of the garage door and the start-up of the heating boiler is a daily activity.
The code keyboard that controls the state of the relay contacts is, in fact, a universal tool that allows you to control a variety of devices designed to perform any actions after the correct password set. These keyboards are easy to operate and configure. They can be programmed by the user using the instruction, which describes in detail the management and programming functions, both the service level settings and the user’s settings. They can be used both in conjunction with the security alarm centers, so independently control the executive devices. In connection with the popularity of using this type of keyboards, together with electromagnetic locks, keyboards of this type are also called electronic code locks. Electronic code lock, in fact, a synonym for the relay keyboard with control outputs in the form of dry relay contacts.