Security systems of video surveillance is a rapidly developing industry of security systems with huge prospects in the future. Rapid scientific and technological progress does not leave without attention either side of human life, not the exception of steel and video surveillance systems, which at the moment are a high-tech complex that combines a lot of peripheral devices. The end of the era of analog CCTV, marked the emergence of digital devices designed to process and store video information. The heart of a modern video surveillance system is either a video recorder or a computer with an installed video capture card that processes and stores all the information that has arrived. The systems built on the basis of video capture cards are more simple to use and operate than systems based on digital video recorders, which in turn are more reliable and functional. The specificity of this or that situation requires the flexibility of the solutions on the part of the installer in order to get a workable system of good quality.

An interesting fact is that digital video surveillance is still not capable of replacing analogue video surveillance for a number of reasons. Analog cameras are much cheaper than digital cameras, while the quality of analog cameras is not inferior to digital systems, and sometimes even surpasses them. However, the rapid development of microcircuitry and planar elements every day increases the probability of digital systems coming forward. The main deterrent force are warehouses with ready-made analog equipment. This equipment is already sold almost by its production capacity.

Video surveillance is a cost that starts at $ 50. for the set has become interested not only the consumer for whom video security is an absolute necessity, but also ordinary fans looking to remotely watch their car or summer house in the winter. When the main idea every day becomes your own security, video surveillance is the most optimal solution.

When choosing a video surveillance system, one must look at a number of factors. The choice of a conventional personal computer, in the case of a fundamental approach to business, can drag on for a whole week. The choice of a video surveillance system under similar conditions will take many months. External video surveillance, internal, wired or wireless at each stage of system construction you will have questions. Video surveillance and alarm related to the structure, as for the equipment and approach to design, then you can hardly find at least ten coincidences. The organization of video surveillance is the work of professionals who do not once encounter difficulties in the design, creation and commissioning phases of the system. If you decide to install a video surveillance system on your own, you will not be hindered by the advice of trained managers and engineers. Many years of experience of our experts in this field will help you in making the right decisions and will create a system that takes into account all your wishes.