The first link in the construction of a video surveillance system is a video camera, it depends on it how much the quality and efficiency will be the whole system as a whole, so the choice of the camera and its location should be approached very carefully and deliberately, sometimes it is almost impossible without professionals. Correctly selected and installed camera will provide reliable and reliable information and will save you from painful and long searches for “malfunctioning” of the video surveillance system.
CCTV cameras are wired and wireless. The wireless surveillance camera is complex in its technology device. Video capture from the camera is carried out using the built-in photosensitive matrix, after that the video signal is digitized and transmitted to the air where it is subsequently received by the wireless digital receiver. Wireless video transmission can be accompanied by noise-immune encoding or data encryption. Wireless video surveillance systems based on wireless cameras are more efficient than wireless transceivers due to the initial consistency of the camera elements and the video signal transmitter. Home video surveillance, built on the basis of wireless systems is a simple, not expensive and reliable solution.
Wired video cameras come in various types. In appearance, they can be divided into domed, case and miniature. Dome CCTV cameras are very popular at sites where an internal under-ceiling installation is required. Miniature cameras are widely used in wireless video surveillance systems. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this type of camera is prohibited for sale and installation in Ukraine today. Although this, however, does not stop some security firms, despite the abundance of penalties. These mini video surveillance cameras use a special lens, which allows them to hide behind a layer of putty by making a hole for them, the size of a match head. Hidden surveillance cameras are so small that some of them are placed in the handle, with such disguise, it is impossible to recognize the integrated camera even for professionals. Case video cameras are used either for indoor installation or for installation inside a sealed box providing a stable thermal environment and protection from water currents and condensation.
Buy CCTV cameras can be in any security store. Their number and range in the security market is incredibly great. Recently, outdoor camcorders are very popular. Such cameras do not need to be installed in additional sealed enclosures and use heating. The picture quality of such cameras is often worse than the case, but the named pluses guarantee this type of cameras a long existence in the market of security video surveillance.
In general, the entire video surveillance system can be represented in the form of a star (the topology of the “star” network technology), in the center of which there is a video processing device (DVR or computer with a video capture card installed), and at the ends video signal receivers, ie cameras. Depending on the place of installation, the cameras are divided into: internal and external. External cameras have a wider range of operating temperatures, compared to internal ones. They can also be equipped with special thermal housings, which, in turn, perform both a thermoregulatory and a protective function.
According to the color spectrum of the camera are divided into black and white and color, which, in turn, have their advantages and disadvantages. So, black-and-white cameras have, as a rule, better resolving power and sensitivity, color ones are indispensable in places where color is the main distinguishing feature, a vivid example of this are shopping centers and supermarkets.
By the method of data transmission, the cameras are divided into wired and wireless, and if the very beginning of the whole era of video surveillance and they have already established themselves, the latter only recently appeared on our market and everything is just beginning for them …
Practically in any modern video camera, starting from serious scientific projects on space exploration and to everyday life, the so-called CCD-matrix (CCD-device with charge communication, from English CCTV-Carge-Coupled Device) is used as a video signal receiver. The history of the creation of the CCD array is very interesting and consists in the fact that the employees of the Bell Labs laboratory George Smith and Willard Boyle worked on creating a device for storing and reading information, but without knowing it they created a high-sensitivity photoconverter. The importance of this discovery confirms the fact that the “fathers” of the CCD matrix of the Nobel Prize in Physics were awarded in 2009. The main competitor of the CCD is the CMOS structure.
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