Access control


The access control system has been widely used in factories, offices and office centers, in residential buildings, in factories and in many other places where it is required to keep track of staff time, control the flow of visitors, and restrict access. The doorphone and the calling panel can serve as an access control system in country houses and not in large offices. Turnstiles and metal detectors can be used in office centers, factories and factories. The simplest access control system consisting of one doorphone and a calling panel costs about $ 300, agree not a high price for the ability to control the flow of visitors. Access control is not limited to working time, it is a huge industry that combines visitor control, management of electromechanical locks and latches, baggage control, detection of metal and prohibited objects, and much more. By itself, the access control system is a set of equipment configured and configured in accordance with the customer’s specifications. If you plan to establish access control for scud on your site and do not know where to start. You can always call us and get a full consultation regarding the equipment offered by the market, and in case you have a technical task and you know exactly what you want from the system, our specialists will gladly offer you several different in price and functionality options. Access control systems are our profile, the equipment we offer is purchased exclusively from the supplier, we are the first link in the chain of sale of the equipment we offer, so you can be completely confident that by buying equipment from us, you buy access control systems at the lowest price. Our company can offer a full range of services, from installation and finishing after warranty service and repair.